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Note: Almost all of these picture are not mine, I'm just copy paste from other ... hope 'others' don't mine to let your picture be in here. it just to separate the beauty of your creation to more others CP craft lovers to enjoy the amazing creation of yours. If the owner refuse and not happy with these, please let me know and I'll remove it. thank you, and your CP craft is really stunning , really awesome.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Shell Arrangement

Shell Arrangement

Pomegranate, Tulip, and Rose Arrangement


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    1. tak... yg kat atas tu bukan dr clay... tu yg real.. aku ambek dr web martha... tapi yg sebelum sebelum tu semua dari clay ler..... memang aku nak wat brooch dari clay... tapi tak dan lagi ler... dah lama dalam perancangan.. tapi tak terrialisasi lagi... ank aku kaco ler... ni pon meruntun depan belakang cammane?