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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

kekurangan masa.... aaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letihnya hari hari yang di lalui.... menguruskan keluarga bukan perkara mudah, sebab tu banyak orang bercerai lately ni.... ni semua gara gara suami yang menganggap enteng bbenor surirumah ni.. dan tanpa insan yg bergelar suami isteri tak leh service's ,dan si isteri plak nak tunjuk "ingat tanpa suami aku tak leh nak hidup......." maka tercerai.... dan yg mendapat untung gelak terbahak bahak SETAN. hemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dunia dunia..... ok !!!!! back to our CP...

What Can You Do With Cold Porcelain?
Cold porcelain ni.... originally invented for use buat benda benda kecik such as flowers, buahan and that is still the most common use for it. Cold porcelain works bet for thin delicate creations such as flowers, leaves, feathers, fabric, etc.

cold porcelain ni... shrinks the only armatures that should be used with it are floral wires, cardstock, or a "soft" armature like styrofoam. To allow for even drying it really should be 1/2 inch (1cm) thick or less. Otherwise cold porcelain can be used much the same way as polymer clay.
Sealing Cold Porcelain
CP and air, are not friends so kkawan really need to seal your cold porcelain creation. Kalau yana , Yana lebih suka... spray sealers but brush on acrylic varnish alworks well.

Just about any clear spray or varnish will work but acrylic or polyurethane based sealers are best. so... jika kkawan nak lagi tahan lama kerja kraf kkawan leh lah spray sealers.

Bila la... Yana berkesempatan buat bunga ni SENDIRI dgn lebih banyak dan publish kat sini.....

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