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Friday, 18 March 2011

Let's talk about clay

Someone is asking...... those flower made from corn starch and glue??????
the answer is YES! The 4 groups of air-dry clays are (1) wood pulp and paper-based clays such as Creative Paperclay and the instant papier mache products; (2) stone-based clays such as LaDoll; and (3) polymer-based resin clays such as Deco Clay, Hearty, Model Magic, Lumina, Luna and many other brands of "soft" clays usually used in crafting clay flowers. The 4th group is the homemade and commercial cold porcelain clays, which are made with tepong jagung, gam and other ingredients....... percaya tak? these tepong just not for eat.

(hem.... tergeliat lidah cakap orang puteh.) well why not? it can improve my english.... to be true my english is hampeh!!!! not so fluent... hope kkawan can understand it... ni kes tekenan dengan blog kawan "Note the words"....

Bagaimana nak dapatkan clay ni? Well you can make it by your self or you can buy it from me..... it only rm20 per200g(yg mahal dan yang murah) rm15 only per200g. To make it sendiri there are so many recipe and so many way to do it.... we can use microwave oven , oven or you can use your dapoq gas. these is one of the recipe :

By Sangeetha Shah...

secawan corn starch
secawan white glue
tempura white paint sesedu besar
vineger sesudu besar
nevea cream sesudu besar
and that all.

put all together..kacau until sebati and put it in to your microwave 4 30 sec, take it out kacau lagi and put it back another 30 sec, after that keluarkan kacau and put it back another 30 sec and it done...
uli while it still hot until it cold.. use platick bag and cloth to uli it. then put it into plastic bag back and make sure no air on it dan simpan.... can be use 24 hour after that.

I think it enough for these moment... lagi pulak all my pahlawan is here... dificult tu type anymore.. so ta ta.

these my 3 pahlawan

these my new born pahlawan

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