Dear clay crafted blogger

Note: Almost all of these picture are not mine, I'm just copy paste from other ... hope 'others' don't mine to let your picture be in here. it just to separate the beauty of your creation to more others CP craft lovers to enjoy the amazing creation of yours. If the owner refuse and not happy with these, please let me know and I'll remove it. thank you, and your CP craft is really stunning , really awesome.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Blog Yana ikuti

Yana selalu masuk laman sesawang ni

deco clay academy
thai clay flower
petal sweet
ming clay flower
art hobby craft

menarik tau..... kkawan leh lah bertandang ke sana jugek...


  1. ku tumpang komen dan menyambut kedatangan kawan ku ke sini.. selamat berblog.. nice.. ble buat duit ni.. jadi suri rumahpun.. ada manfaatnya.. keep up Yana..

  2. THANK's ..... kkawan yg dah lama beblog ni tolong tolong ler yana mengimprovekan lg blog ni ye.